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Who Is Health And Safety Representatives?

Health and safety are an important factor in every business and no matter what kind of workplace you are running, there are going to be workers there who may have health concerns at some point of their work. Health and safety are a separate department that is working in every workplace and people who are working in health and safety department are known as health safety representative which is shortened as SHE. If any sort of accident happens in some working environment then first of all, the health and safety representative is called to look in to the matter. There are some working environments which could be hazardous for the people working in there if they do not follow safety measures. The role of the health and safety representatives is to make the workers aware of the potential hazards of the environment they are working in and to inform them about the safety measures as well.

According to the act of the health and safety it is mandatory for every work environment to be safe and it is the duty of the health and safety representatives to monitor the health issues in their respective workplace and make sure that the workers are working in a safe environment. The health and safety representatives have the authority to stop a business or some workplace if they think that it is unsafe or in some cases the health and safety representatives order a notification which is known as the provisional improvement notice (PIN) which act as a warning for any workplace and asks them to improve the health and safety of their environment. If you are interested about front end loader operator you can visit this website

For any workplace, the representatives of the health and safety is also present in the recruitment drive so that he could provide the information about the health and safety concerns of the worker. The HSR (Health and safety representatives) are provided with all the resources and the facilities that they think are necessary for their work so that they can make the workplace safe for the people working in it.  In some cases, when a new person joins the health and safety department, he is given a certain kind of training which makes him prepared for the real environment.

Anyone having the graduation in health and safety can apply for the job of the health and safety representatives. This is the minimum criteria that provides the basis for the job but there are some other trainings as well which could help you significantly in acquiring the position such as the fire prevention training program, environment knowledge training and many more.